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Terms and Conditions


A. The Term “Customer” and the term buyer refers to the person / agent to whom the contractor is rendering its services.

B. The term “Contractor” and the term “Builder” refers to The Sewer Ninjas company.

1. The Contractor agrees to furnish all equipment, materials, and labor necessary to complete the plumbing services listed in this contract’s scope of work at the client’s property as listed.

2. When entering an agreement, Sewer Ninjas, the Contractor, and the Customer agree to the following terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

Section 1: Overview

  1. Overview – Sewer Ninjas installs 6 types of liners for CIPP applications to best meet customer needs, unique projects and curing methods. Liners are constructed of the highest quality for reliable and consistent installation. Liner and resin systems are compliant with industry installation standards including ASTM F1216 – Standard practice for rehabilitation of existing pipelines and conduits by the inversion and curing of resin-impregnated tube, Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), International Plumbing Code (IPC), NSF International (NSF14), IAPMO, and ICC-ES.

Section 2: Payment Terms

  1. Minimum downpayment of 20% due upon completion of work. Remaining balance to be paid over agreed upon payment period. Interest applied if applicable. No penalty for early payoff.
  2. The Customer agrees to make full payment for the amount listed in this plumbing contract within 30 days of the project’s completion by the Contractor.
  3. Customers paying via credit card will be assessed a 2.9% fee applied to the total bill.
  4. Lien waiver will be issued to property owners within 10 days of receipt of final payment
  5. If home needs or requires an additional point repair at the city main, the cost will be the full responsibility of the homeowner.

Section 3: Limitations And Conditions of Work

  1. All work shall be performed in accordance with local and national ordinance and building code.
  2. Work not expressly listed in this plumbing contract shall not be performed without written consent from the Customer
  3. The Contractor shall perform all plumbing work in a professional and quality manner. However, the Contractor offers no warranty for any fixtures or other materials installed during the project. If a defect in workmanship is discovered, the Contractor will remedy such defect at their sole expense.
  4. The Customer agrees to remove or otherwise protect any personal belongings inside and near the working area.
  5. The Customer hereby grants the Contractor consent to file a lien against the Customer’s property for the amount listed in the payment terms section of this plumbing contract should the Customer fail to pay the full amount due within 30 days of project completion.

Section 4:  Unforeseen Conditions.

  1. The Contractor shall not be held liable for loss or damage beyond their reasonable control and shall not be liable for damages beyond the total price paid by the Customer for the plumbing work listed in this contract’s scope of work.
  2. Contractor is not responsible for water entering the premises through sewer, chimney and windows above masonry walls. Hydrostatic pressure (leakage through floors) is covered under warranty policy only where specifically stated to be warranted in the description of work set forth in the proposal.
  3. Due to the nature of concrete, Contractor’s warranty for concrete work does not include any cracking, pitting, subsoil movement, cherting, or discoloration of concrete. Resurfacing high water tables under the basement floor may leak at seam lines.
  4. Cast iron pipe descaling (the use of high speed mechanical chains to remove metal scale from the bottom of the pipe) in rare instances can cause a pipe to break open. If the cast iron pipe can not hold its consistency during the process, the Contractor will cease the project and provide an alternative strategy for repair. Customer agrees to pay first hour of time and materials at $1795, which will be credited to the Customer for revised strategy work.

Section 5: Access To Site

  1. The Customer is responsible for providing the Contractor with access to the working area as well as a working electrical outlet within 15′ of the working area.
  2. In the event a cleanout repair and/or replacement is necessary, Sewer Ninjas will leave the jobsite broom clean and free of all debris. Homeowners will be responsible for any repairs to moldings, drywall, fixtures etc. that were damaged or had to be removed during reconstruction.
  3. If permits are required, they will be obtained by the contractor’s licensed plumber. Owner will cooperate with the re-inspection schedule.
  4. The Customer acknowledges that work delays are possible should materials or fixtures not be immediately available.

Section 6: Exterior Excavations / Subsoil Conditions / Mismarked Utility Lines

  1. Excavation Risks/Buried Utilities: Unknown buried utilities such as water lines: Owner will be responsible for any unknown buried utilities including water lines that are incidentally hidden underneath the dig zone that cannot be readily recognized by Sewer Ninjas prior to the digging.  Should the Sewer Ninjas dig team damage these unforeseen utilities (including water lines), the homeowner will be responsible for the additional expense of reconnecting the water lines.
  2. Excavation Risks/Concrete and Fill: If Sewer Ninjas finds that concrete exceeds 4 to 5 inches in thickness and/or contains rebar, or if the dig zone is filled with rock rubble, broken bricks, and/or filled with debris, or was formerly construction fill and/or filled with excessive old construction debris; the owner will be responsible for an additional $1,000 in cost per excavation site of 1 square yard.
  3. Sewer Ninjas will do their best technical work to place the CIPP into the city T and as close to the main as necessary. City T connections are massive pieces of male and female ends that generally have at least two 22’-degree angles or 45’-degree angles as it drops into the city main. The CIPP will extend into the city T or as close as possible but will be short of the main pending the type of configuration, material used, drop angle, and length of the city T. CIPP installations are generally within 12″-24″ of the main, but may be more. Homeowner agrees to defer to the contractor’s expertise in the installation. See Condition #5 for point repair costs in the T at the city main.

Section 7: Contract Acceptance

  1. By signing below, the Customer and Contractor acknowledge and agree to the full terms outlined in this plumbing contract, without exception.
  2. Customers canceling contracts agree to pay the Contractor a 10% cancellation fee, which will be credited back to the owner as payment in good standing should the Customer choose to re-establish the contract within 365 days. Re-established contracts may be subject to a price increase no greater than 7%.

Section 8: Limited Warranty

1.)Full replacement:

  • Rehab Interior/ exterior to main, within the four walls below floor (including up to the test tee height) with rehab to main tap.
  • 15 Year CIPP
  • 5 Year Labor
  • 5-year parts
  • 5 year no stoppage

2.)Partial replacement:

  • Rehab – Full interior rehab/
    replacement with rehab/replacement to clean out in yard.
  • 15-year CIPP
  • 2 Year labor
  • 2 Year parts
  • 1 Year no stoppage

3. Spot Repair:

  • 1-year parts and labor from point to point



Section 9: Marketing

  1. Marketing – Quotes, Recommendations, and Reviews – By using our services or submitting a request for a quote, you grant Sewer Ninjas the right to use any customer quotes, recommendations, or reviews, whether written, spoken, or otherwise expressed, for promotional and marketing purposes, including but not limited to website content, social media, advertising materials, and other marketing channels. We may use these testimonials to showcase the quality of our services to potential customers.
  2. SMS Messaging and Communication – By using our services or submitting a request for a quote and opting into SMS messages, you consent to receiving text messages from Sewer Ninjas related to your inquiry and the ongoing services we provide. These messages may include updates on your service request, appointment reminders, service completion notifications, and other service-related communications. Standard message and data rates may apply based on your mobile carrier’s terms.

Section 10: Data Privacy Policy

  1. Consent and Data Usage – By using our services or submitting a request for a quote, you acknowledge and consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy. We take data privacy seriously and assure you that your consent will not be sold, shared, or transferred to any third party for marketing or promotional purposes.
  2. No Sharing of Consent – We do not sell, share, or transfer your consent or personal information to any third party. Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your data.
  3. Privacy Policy Acknowledgment – You can review our complete Privacy Policy for more details on how we collect, use, and protect your data. By using our services, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.


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